Configuring Google G Suite for SSO to Platform9 Managed OpenStack

Platform9 supports single sign-on (SSO) with Google G Suite (G Suite).

To configure G Suite integration, you must have a G Suite Apps administrator account.

As a G Suite administrator, you can enable SSO through G Suite for other users in the organization. This enables the users to sign in to Platform9 Managed OpenStack, by using their G Suite credentials.

Enable SSO Through G Suite for Platorm9

Follow the steps given below to integrate Google with Platform9 for SSO.

Step 1 – Login to G Suite

Login to G Suite as the Apps administrator and follow the first few steps given in Google: Set up your own custom SAML application to set up your SAML custom app.

Step 2 – Create custom SAML app

From the “SAML Apps” page under the admin section, click the yellow plus sign in the bottom right-hand corner to begin adding a new SAML application, then click Setup my own custom SAML App.

Download the IdP metadata XML file and email this to

Then, click Next.

Step 3 – Configure basic app information

Specify the name and description of the custom app, and optionally upload a logo for the custom app.

Click Next.

Step 4 – Specify Platform9 (service provider) details

Specify the ACS, Entity ID, and Start URLs as follows.

  • ACS URL: https://<controller URL>/Shibboleth.sso/SAML2/POST
  • Entity ID: https://<controller URL>/keystone
  • Start URL: https://<controller URL>
  • Select the Signed Response check box.
  • Set the Name ID Format to “EMAIL”.

Step 5 – Configure exported SAML attributes

Configure the Platform9-required the FirstName, LastName, and Email attribute mappings. Click Add New Mapping to add an attribute mapping.

Click Finish to complete the SAML application setup.

Step 6 – Create SSO Group Mappings in Platform9

After receiving a confirmation email that the Platform9 Support team has received your IdP metadata & enabled SSO on your environment, login to Platform9 Clarity UI as an administrator. Now, follow the steps 2 through 5 given in the Platform9 support article for single sign-on integration.

Once this is done, integration of G Suite with Platform9 for SSO is complete.


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