The Only OpenStack Distribution with 100% Interoperability for VMware vSphere

Streamline self-service DevOps with existing vSphere resources.

Using any existing vSphere environments, Platform9 Managed OpenStack enables self-service provisioning for software developers in a matter of minutes.

Features include:

  • Self-service portal for developers to spin up new applications
  • Tenants and users to manage users, access to resources and roles
  • Host aggregates enable advanced workload placement automation
  • VM (Virtual Machine) customization for customizing VM instances during deployment
  • Flavors streamline resource configurations for VMs (CPU, memory, disk, placement rules)

Designed to be 100% interoperable with vSphere.

Platform9’s metadata-driven architecture seamlessly detects your existing vSphere resources and exposes them for orchestration via OpenStack APIs.

The following resources are discovered:

  • CPU and memory capacity from compute clusters
  • Storage capacity from datastores
  • Networking topology from existing vSwitches
  • Template VMs (Virtual Machine) discovered as OpenStack Glance images
  • Existing VMs discovered as OpenStack VM instances

The result? 100% interoperability, with no restrictions on operations that can be initiated by IT / Operations on vSphere directly.

In other words, there are no restrictions on:

  • vMotion of VMs across hosts and clusters or even vCenters
  • Storage vMotion of VMs across datastores and datastore clusters
  • Power operations on VMs via vSphere
  • Create/update/delete of VMs or templates via vSphere

Supports any vCenter-compatible storage and networking.

Use any storage technologies that are compatible with VMware vCenter:

  • Traditional storage running VMFS or NFS
  • Software-defined storage VSAN or similar

Platform9 Managed OpenStack simplifies networking by detecting the vSwitches connected to authorized resources, and mapping them to networks in OpenStack.

VMs can be provisioned onto these networks:

  • VMware vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS)
  • Software-defined networking such as VMware NSX or similar

IP Addresses can be allocated from a defined pool that is managed by OpenStack, or by an external IP address management system.

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