Self-Service Provisioning

Enabling self-service provisioning is a win-win for IT teams and end users. Platform9 makes it easy to provide users with on-demand access to shared resources while maintaining policy-based control.

Self-Service Portal

One of the primary benefits of a private cloud is on-demand access to shared infrastructure. Platform9 has an extremely friendly user interface, making it a snap for IT to provide:

  • Rapid provisioning: Create and deploy virtual machines instantaneously.
  • Web-based access: Access your virtual machines from anywhere using the web interface.
  • Collaboration: Capture and share virtual machine configurations easily both within a team and across teams.
  • VM configuration manager: Customize your virtual machine instances to perform operations such as injecting a script, starting an agent, injecting security keys, etc. using cloud-init.

Tenants and Users

Whether supporting a single team or multiple teams of users, Platform9 makes it easy for IT to onboard users and enforce policy-based access control.

  • Quota-based allocation: Allocate different pools of capacity to different tenants, so teams have access to the resources they need while IT maintains overall control.
  • Role-based access: Platform9 comes with out-of-the box roles, making it easy to assign users with privileges based on their particular role.

Images: Ready-to-Deploy System Configurations

Instances in Platform9 are launched from an image that Platform9 knows about. The image library serves as a central repository of virtual machine images that can be deployed and shared with different users, and published and updated in multiple ways.

  • Public catalog: Download images for popular open source operating system distributions.
  • Existing images: Import local images directly, or via a URL.
  • Linked clones: Reduce storage footprint by de-duplicating data across virtual machines created from same image.

By publishing commonly used system configurations as images in the image library, your development team can save time and get work done faster when new instances need to be launched.

Flavors: Consistent Resource Configuration for Instances

Instances in Platform9 are given resources (CPU, Memory, Disk, Network) using Flavors. Platform9 ships with out-of-the-box flavors, but these are typically customized by IT admins to optimally satisfy the use case for various user teams. For instance, a test instance might be typically allocated a different flavor than a long-running production instance.

Once configured, flavors are ready for your development team to use, and help ensure consistency in resource allocation for their provisioning operations.

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