Managed Service Providers

Are you able to differentiate your cloud platform offering? Lower your costs and increase your economic margin? Support new customers quickly, without spending weeks and months getting the technology to work? Platform9 enables you to realize all of these across a range of virtualized environments, through a powerful OpenStack-based multi tenant private cloud platform, with support self-service and placement policies.

Differentiate Your Cloud Solution

Add Value with Platform9
Platform9 Managed OpenStack gives you a powerful, full-featured turnkey multi tenant private cloud platform on which to base your cloud solution. Providing all of OpenStack’s core services, Platform9 gives you a great foundation to package a cloud offering that meets the needs of modern enterprise IT. Rely on Platform9 to do the heavy lifting of deploying, monitoring, troubleshooting and upgrading OpenStack for you, using the virtualized infrastructure of your choice. Our private cloud as a service is backed by the industry’s best SLA for cloud platforms.

Focus on Your “Secret Sauce”
Invest your resources in what makes you great. Whether it’s the hardware, hosting solution, industry focus, customer service or value added offerings, you have a superpower that wins your customers over. Combine your infrastructure, Platform9 Managed OpenStack, and your secret sauce, to deliver greater value to your customers.

Enable Self-Service for Your Customers

Platform9 Managed OpenStack lets you define a variety of infrastructure policies to optimize infrastructure utilization while best serving your customers’ needs.

  • Regions let you manage geographically distributed infrastructure or provide a single-pane-of-glass across different hypervisor environments.
  • Define resource tiers using OpenStack Flavors. Flavors define consistent resource configurations (CPU, Memory, Disk) and also reference different tiers of underlying server infrastructure by referencing host aggregates. You can also define and manage allocation of storage tiers.

With Platform9, it’s extremely fast and easy to onboard your customers, tailoring the capacity offered with policies on capacity quotas, available resource tiers and available networks.  So, while you may need to add new capacity or geographic availability over time, you can enable customers within minutes while transparently adding the required capacity on the backend.

Reduce Operational Costs

Because Platform9 takes care of the full-lifecycle of supporting your OpenStack-based multi tenant private cloud platform, you don’t have to deploy, monitor, troubleshoot, patch and upgrade OpenStack.

The result? Massive operational savings compared to your competition. So, when you choose to leverage Platform9’s guaranteed SLA, you free up significant time and resources that you can invest in other value-added-features for your business.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Service multiple customers with the same pool of infrastructure, by leveraging the powerful multi tenant private cloud constructs built into OpenStack.

Combine VMware vSphere and KVM to reduce virtualization costs. Platform9 supports all major Windows versions and Linux distributions, so rest assured your customers will get the same great performance you’ve offered, but with significant savings on your end. Platform9 gives you the flexibility to use VMware vSphere where tier-1 hypervisors are needed (such as for low-latency applications or extremely UI intensive workloads), but use KVM everywhere else.

Leverage commodity infrastructure, just like the Amazon or Google public clouds. Public clouds leverage commodity servers, running Linux-based virtualization or container technologies while using white-box hardware. As a managed service provider, you know that infrastructure costs can have an adverse impact on margins. Platform9 is the easiest way to leverage ‘free’ Linux running on commodity servers. Having said that, if you have an existing investment in VMware vSphere or high-end storage and network systems, we’ll support them just as well.

Upsell with Cloud

You’ve heard from your customers, or their software developers, that they want to automate their workflows using the cloud. Rather than force them to deal with filing support tickets for every operation they want to do, you can have a full-featured, industry standard cloud platform available to them.

Not only does this automatically increase the value of your infrastructure offering to your customers, it also enables you to provide even more value-added-services such as DevOps tooling and integration on top of your infrastructure.

Platform9’s Clarity user-interface is written in HTML5 and can be easily customized with CSS stylesheets. In addition, you can also choose to expose your own user interface by leveraging OpenStack’s industry standard REST APIs that are exposed by the Platform9 service.

In addition to the UI, you can now offer a variety of developer friendly ways to access your cloud offering, including:

  • OpenStack CLIs
  • DevOps tools such as vagrant, packer, terraform
  • Automation tools such as puppet, chef, salt and ansible

You can also easily adjust the permissions available to different customers and end users by using Platform9’s pre-defined roles.

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