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Frequently Asked Questions

Which services are performed by Platform9 in the Growth & Enterprise plans?

Platform9 is responsible for provisioning, managing, and upgrading the Kubernetes platform on infrastructure that you provide (either on-premises or on the public cloud) as well as monitoring the core cluster infrastructure for availability. The Growth and Enterprise plan offer advanced capabilities. More detail on the services and features for each plan are available on the pricing comparison page here.

What is the difference between the Freedom, Growth & Enterprise Plans?

The Freedom Plan gives your team access to basic managed Kubernetes environment for up to 2 clusters or 8 nodes.  For teams needing access to support or running in production, the Growth Plan provides access to support up to a set number of tickets per month, a 99.9% SLA and unlimited clusters across 3 regions.  For teams with larger deployments and advanced needs, our Enterprise plan offers large scale deployments, multiple regions and customized support and SLA needs.

Why is pricing available for both nodes and vCPUs?

Nodes are used for on-premises deployments, and vCPUs for public cloud deployments.  

Can I use Platform9 on-premises and in the public cloud at the same time?


What counts as a node?

For on-premises deployments a node is a physical server with up to 24 cores.  Physical servers with more than 24 cores will be treated to an equivalent number of 24 core nodes (e.g. a 48 core server would be treated as 2 nodes).

What counts as a vCPU?

A vCPU in a public cloud deployment is as defined by the public cloud provider. 

How many nodes or vCPUs will I be charged for in the Growth Plan?

You will be charged based on the number of nodes or vCPUs you pick when you set up your plan.  You can also change the number of nodes or vCPUs at the end of your current billing term (monthly or annual, based on your selection when you started your plan).  Should your usage exceed the number you included in the plan we will alert you and provide you a grace period long enough to make adjustments to your usage.

What is a region?

For on-premises, a region is one data center.  For public cloud deployments, a region is a separate geographic area comprising one or more data centers as defined by the public cloud provider.

Can I deploy fewer than the minimum plan nodes or vCPUs with my paid plan?

Yes. When you sign up for the Growth Plan you select the amount of nodes or vCPUs you want (subject to a minimum level), but you don’t need to use all the nodes right away. Since nodes or vCPUs can be used later, many of our customers reserve extra nodes to cater for expected growth in their environments.

Can I add or subtract additional nodes or vCPUs after I start my plan?

Yes. You can add nodes or vCPUs at any time and we will make an adjustment to your monthly bill or create a one off bill if you are on an annual plan.  You can subtract nodes or vCPUs at the end of your contract period (a month if you are on monthly billing or the year if you are on annual billing.

Can I upgrade my existing Freedom Plan or Growth Plan to a higher tier?  How does migration work?

Yes! Please contact us to upgrade.  Migration between plans is manual today.  A one-click upgrade capability is coming soon; when rolled out, moving to a new plan will be easy!  At that stage, all your deployments would stay the same — your clusters and nodes will stay where they are, and all your settings (like networking and account permissions) would remain the same.  For admins, all your team members who already use Platform9 would have that same experience, and anyone without an existing Platform9 account will be prompted to sign up when you send them an invite.

Can I downgrade to a lower tier? 

Yes, at the end of your contract period.  Please contact us to downgrade.  You will be able to continue using the features that are common to your old and new plans. You can see the features here.  Migration between plans is manual today.  If the deployment size is greater than that available on your new plan you will need to make alternative arrangements for those workloads.

How long is my commitment to a paid plan?

For the Growth Plan, monthly if you select Monthly billing and one year if you select Annual billing.  Enterprise plans are customized to your needs.

Do you provide a discount for paying in advance and committing to an annual term?

Yes!  The Growth Plan provides a 20% discount for paying for the year in advance.

Do you have any discounts for non-profits or educational institutions?

Yes!  Please contact our sales team for more information.

Do you have any volume discounts?

Yes! Our enterprise plans include volume discounts.  Please contact our sales team for more information

I have a question that is not covered above.  How do I get an answer?

You can contact us via website chat, through our contact us form here,  by phone at 650-898-7369 or by email at

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