Get up to a million dollar* credit!​

Are you dealing with these cost challenges?

  • Icon: Public CloudPaying for overprovisioning in your public cloud instead of what you’re actually using.
  • Icon: OpEx CostMaintaining high headcount OpEx to manage Kubernetes environments.
  • Icon: Hypervisor TaxDealing with an expensive legacy hypervisor tax.
  • Icon: Reduced BudgetsBeing asked to do more with less, thanks to reduced budgets.

*See terms & conditions

Get up to a million dollar* credit!

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  • Icon: SavingsUsing field-tested TCO/ROI models, our experts uncover up to 50% cloud platform operations savings.
  • Icon: Cloud CostLearn how you can improve cloud cost efficiency by provisioning your system to match what you use.
  • Icon: KubernetesUncover massive labor and operational savings in managing your Kubernetes platform.
  • Icon: ToolingEliminate hypervisor tax with KVM, Docker, and cloud native tooling that delights your DevOps teams.
Peter Fray

Peter Fray

Field CTO

With a unique blend of technical experience – from IaaS, networking, Kubernetes, databases, and more – Peter Fray helps large enterprises successfully adopt cloud, containers, and modern technologies to accelerate application delivery and improve data center utilization.
Ron Haberman

Ron Haberman

Market CTO

Ron has decades of tech experience in leading global product strategy & development. He is well equipped with an innovative mindset to set the company’s technology vision and create a path to growth and excellence.

Don’t take our word for it

Our unified cloud native platform, together with the industry’s best proactive support, can speed your application deployment with Always-on Assurance™, giving you peace of mind.

Juniper saved 10 hires over a 3-year period while scaling to 6x capacity.
Redfin increased speed of app rollouts by 7x, reducing engineering costs.
Kingfisher’s hybrid cloud handled 10x jump in online orders with no new staff.

Data Services Company

Data services company saved 75% on their public cloud bill.

Uncover how you, too, can save up to 50% of your cloud platform operations costs.

Emilia A’Bell, our Chief Revenue Officer, explains this amazing offer

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*Terms and Conditions

  • Credits will be offered for amounts up to the maximum of $1m U.S. dollars on Platform9 license subscription fees and are subject to contract size, contract length, and your deployment, workloads, and infrastructure.
  • Cost savings and actual credit percentage will be determined as part of the free cost assessment discovery workshop.
  • Credits require a minimum three-year subscription.
  • Credits will be reflected on invoices and total credit amount will be spread across the first three years of the contract, beginning with the first year’s invoice.
  • Offer and credits are subject to execution of a Master Subscription Agreement.
  • Offer valid until Jan 31st, 2023.

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