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Achieve GitOps Faster With Zero Setup ArgoCD-as-a-Service

Simply connect your GitOps repo and deploy apps instantly to any Kubernetes cluster on any cloud. No setup required!

Scale Seamlessly

Scale seamlessly

ArgoCD can deploy apps to clusters anywhere: EKS, AKS, GKE, On-Premises, and at the Edge.

It scales seamlessly, eliminates upgrade headaches, and ensures high availability, all while being fully supported by Platform9’s certified experts.

Integrate automatically

Integrate automatically

No more manually provisioning accounts or managing service accounts. Absolutely no setup required!

As soon as you connect or create your first cluster, ArgoCD is ready to use. Connect a GitOps repo and start deploying your apps.

How it works

Platform9 runs ArgoCD alongside our Kubernetes Management Plane, as a dedicated SaaS instance for every customer.

How ArgoCD + Kubernetes Works

GitOps: Run cloud-native apps that are reliable and consistent.

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Application manifests join Apps to Infrastructure

The K8s standard defines how apps run as code, using the application manifest in any form: Kustomize, Helm, Ksonnet, Jsonnet, or plain YAML.

Where should your application manifests live?

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Git isn’t just for App Code.

Git is the perfect place to store, version and manage application manifests.

Leveraging Git drives standardization – it is auditable, easy to understand, and an industry standard.

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ArgoCD & Kubernetes

Git as the Source of Truth

Pull or Push? Either way, using Git enforces a declared state. Simplifying troubleshooting & speeding up deployments.

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ArgoCD is built for Kubernetes


ArgoCD is a CNCF Project

  • Application Health is tracked automatically
  • ​Deployments can self-heal & revert changes with built-in audit logs
  • Changes in Git are ‘pushed’ to clusters automatically or manually

Containerized apps demand tools that are k8s-aware

  • Apps don’t just ‘run’ on Kubernetes, they require tuning
  • Tools need to understand Kubernetes primitives: StatefulSets, Deployments and ReplicaSets
  • Helm is a start, automation is key

Get Started with Platform9

Kubernetes and GitOps Quickstart Guide

Deploying Kubernetes can be a journey. Try following one of our quick-start guides for Kubernetes to jump-start your journey.

Build a Cluster on a VM

Deploy an App Using GitOps

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