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Platform9 VMware General Availability 1.0.0 Release Notes

By Platform9

What’s New! VNC Console Access to Instances From this release, users can access an instance using the VNC console tab provided with each instance’s Info view. Care must be taken to… Read More

Platform9 1.0.0 General Availability Release Notes

By Platform9

Whats New! Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) Tutorial Now you can leverage multi-factor authentication for login. Each individual account can be enabled or disabled to use multi-factor authentication. A variety of… Read More

Platform9 1.0.0 Beta2 Release notes

By Platform9

Whats New Multi-Tenancy Support You can now leverage the multi-tenancy feature with Platform9 by creating one or more ‘tenants.’ The default tenant is called the ‘service’ tenant. This is the tenant… Read More

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