Exploring Platform9 Managed OpenStack as a modern virtualization alternative

Exploring Platform9 Managed OpenStack as a Modern Virtualization Alternative

OpenStack has always been viewed as an open-source innovation in the cloud computing world, offering a comprehensive suite of features for scalable cloud infrastructure and proven capabilities to replace VMware in the data center. However, OpenStack’s extensive functionality comes at the expense of complexity, with complex components such as Nova, Cinder, Neutron, and others making setup a daunting task that typically takes weeks and requires a team of experts.

This is where Platform9 steps in to transform the OpenStack deployment and operational landscape. Platform9’s Managed OpenStack (PMO) reduced a weeks-long installation to a task that could be completed in hours. PMO makes OpenStack accessible to organizations of all sizes, allowing them to create a cloud-like experience in their data centers.

Platform9 Managed OpenStack cuts deployment time from weeks to hours, empowering any organization to create cloud-like data centers.

Understanding OpenStack’s complexity

OpenStack’s intricate architecture, which combines computing, storage, and networking, results in a complex ecosystem. Each component, from managing virtual machines with Nova to configuring networking with Neutron to managing storage with Cinder, is essential for a fully operational cloud environment. Historically, this complexity has made OpenStack difficult to deploy and manage, necessitating a high level of expertise and resources.

Simplified OpenStack deployment with Platform9 Managed OpenStack

Platform9’s innovation significantly simplifies OpenStack deployment. By providing OpenStack as a service, Platform9 enables companies to fully leverage OpenStack’s capabilities without the operational and complexity challenges. Platform9 speeds up the deployment process but also cuts down the costs and resources needed to maintain the environment

Platform9 is at the forefront of all OpenStack offerings, ensuring that the benefits of OpenStack are accessible to all businesses, regardless of technical capability.

Market changes and VMware 

The Broadcom acquisition of VMware has created unrest in the VMware community, prompting many VMware customers to look for more cost-effective solutions. Platform9 is an excellent alternative for those looking to transition from VMware to OpenStack. Many companies have approached Platform9 for a VMWare alternative after Broadcom increased their pricing by 2x, 4x, and even 10x for their customers.

0-60 with OpenStack: Deployed in hours

Platform9 recently provided free live OpenStack training to a diverse group of people with varying skill levels. This proves that with Platform9’s PMO, deploying OpenStack can be straightforward. All participants successfully installed OpenStack in less than five hours, demonstrating that anyone can deploy OpenStack. During the live webinar, Platform9 assisted participants in deploying 24 different OpenStack environments. We not only deployed OpenStack but also demonstrated a fully automated Kubernetes deployment.

Platform9 Managed OpenStack as a virtualization alternative

Next-generation virtualization for everyone

Platform9’s advancements in OpenStack deployment are reshaping how people think about deploying and managing OpenStack. Platform9 is the best alternative for VMware customers looking for a cloud infrastructure that is both sophisticated and scalable.

Platform9 is at the forefront of all OpenStack offerings, ensuring that the benefits of OpenStack are accessible to all businesses, regardless of technical capability.

Let our experts assist in migrating your legacy VMs to OpenStack and save time and money now. Contact us today.

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