The resurgence of OpenStack: Addressing the cloud conundrum

The resurgence of OpenStack: Addressing the cloud conundrum

Cloud computing is undergoing a transformative phase. In this blog, we examine resurgence of OpenStack in the face of severe market disruptions, particularly the massive price hikes imposed by Broadcom VMware, which have left small to mid-sized VMware customers in the dust.

Rising costs of public cloud services are also driving a shift toward more cost-effective and scalable alternatives, such as OpenStack for on-premises and private cloud deployments.

OpenStack can reduce licensing and operational expenses by up to 50%, and it can (once again) be a great VMware and public cloud alternative.

Market trends fueling resurgence of OpenStack

Massive price hikes by Broadcom VMware

  • Broadcom VMware’s unprecedented price increases are having a significant impact on smaller and midsize customers.
  • Skyrocketing price hikes are prompting businesses to rethink their VMware strategies in favor of more budget-friendly alternatives. OpenStack emerges as a leading choice, presenting substantial cost benefits.

The high cost of public cloud platforms

  • Businesses are confronting the harsh reality of escalating public cloud expenses, compelling them to reassess their cloud strategies.
  • The trend towards repatriating workloads to on-premises or private clouds gains momentum, positioning OpenStack as an optimal solution to curb financial strains.

Platform9 OpenStack: The compelling alternative to both VMware and public clouds

OpenStack adoption in enterprises has been hampered by its complexity and intimidating learning curve. However, Platform9 has been operating and managing OpenStack clouds for nearly a decade, with thousands of nodes under management. We make it simple and quick to use OpenStack without operational complexities.

  • Simplified Deployment: Platform9 OpenStack demystifies the setup process with its SaaS management plane, enabling swift and straightforward OpenStack deployment minus the operational headaches.
  • Dramatic Cost Reductions: Transitioning from VMware VMs to OpenStack could slash licensing costs by as much as 50%.
  • Guaranteed Reliability: With Always-on Assurance™, businesses can achieve a remarkable 99.95% uptime, ensuring the maintenance of operational SLAs without a hitch.
  • Proactive Management: Enjoy proactive remote monitoring and troubleshooting along with premier support services.

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Don’t take our word for it

One of our data services technology customers has been using Platform9 Managed OpenStack for a few years now. They have scaled hundreds of hypervisors and thousands of VMs and configuring VMs in twenty minutes which would normally take six weeks. The IT manager exemplifies the ease of use with these words:

“It’s amazing that as complex as OpenStack is to run, Platform9 has made it extraordinarily easy for admins. A Linux administrator who hasn’t touched OpenStack before can pick up Platform9 and get things up-and-running in no time.”

Embrace the OpenStack (Re)evolution

The resurgence of OpenStack signals a pivotal shift in the cloud computing industry. It is driven by the need for more cost-effective, adaptable cloud solutions amidst exorbitant price surges and rigid service models. Platform9 OpenStack is bridging the gap, making it more feasible for organizations to switch by offering a user-friendly platform, proactive support, and significant cost advantages.

Accelerate your learning: Dig deeper

To support administrators transitioning to OpenStack, we offer a series of educational videos and practical labs. These resources are tailored to simplify the learning curve and boost operational effectiveness.

0-60 lab with OpenStack

Ready to take action

Price increases aren’t the only reason to change. Leave VMware and public clouds for a modern cloud-native platform based on proven OpenStack technology and platform9’s decade of operational experience.

Let our experts assist in migrating your legacy VMs to OpenStack and save time and money now. Contact us today.

Kamesh Pemmaraju

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