Platform9 at the Edge Computing Expo North America 2023

Are you interested in learning more about edge computing and how it can transform your business? Do you want to hear from experts and industry leaders on the latest trends and best practices for edge deployments?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you should join us at the Edge Computing Expo North America 2023, taking place on May 17-18 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. This event will bring together over 2000 attendees and 100 speakers to explore the edge computing ecosystem and showcase real-world use cases across various industries.

Platform9 is the Edge Computing Track Sponsor

We are proud to announce that Platform9 is the edge computing track sponsor for this event. What this means is that we will be discussing several topics in our keynotes, panel discussion, and at our booth including:

  • The benefits and challenges of edge computing
  • The best practices and tools for managing edge infrastructure
  • The use cases and applications of edge computing
  • The future trends and opportunities of edge computing

According to Gartner, by 2025, three-quarters of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed at the edge – outside a traditional centralized data center or cloud. This means that enterprises need to adopt a new approach to manage their distributed edge infrastructure and applications.

Join Bhaskar Gorti, CEO of Platform9, for an engaging keynote presentation and insightful panel discussion

One of the highlights of the event will be the keynote speech by our CEO Bhaskar Gorti, who will share his vision and insights on how edge computing can enable digital transformation and innovation for enterprises. He will also discuss how Platform9 can help you achieve zero-touch operations from edge to anywhere with our flexible platform that reduces ops cost and accelerates delivery of revenue-generating apps.

In addition, Bhaskar will also participate in a panel discussion with other industry experts on how to overcome the challenges of edge computing and how to leverage its potential for business growth and competitive advantage.

Platform9 Edge Computing Expo North America 2023 Panel

See details of these at this page: Enterprise Edge Computing – Edge Computing Expo North America (

Platform9 edge computing solutions

According to Deloitte Insights, “Because edge computing has numerous deployment options, each involving a different slate of vendors and applications, an abstraction layer—that is, an edge-cloud management platform—can be used to reduce the complexity of administrating these disparate, heterogeneous environments.”

Platform9 provides an abstraction layer that simplifies edge operations for enhanced efficiency. Our unified infrastructure management platform allows you to manage virtual machines, containers, and bare metal across your data center, public cloud, and edge locations. With Platform9, you can:

  • Centrally manage thousands of edge sites with one SaaS management plane
  • Quickly stand up new edge locations from bare metal upwards
  • Remotely deploy apps to the edge with a few clicks
  • Leverage powerful open source cloud frameworks such as KubeVirt and Kubernetes without the operational overhead
  • Use your existing x86 infrastructure without any proprietary hardware or lock-in
  • Save truck-roll costs and accelerate edge app delivery

Learn more about Platform9’s edge solutions here: Zero-touch operations: Edge to anywhere (

Platform9 retail solution

One of the industries that can benefit from edge computing is retail. With edge computing, retailers can improve customer experience, optimize store operations, enhance security, and drive revenue. Platform9 offers an edge cloud platform that empowers retailers to quickly roll out innovative new applications and transform customer experiences without the burden of managing edge infrastructure. Here is just a sample of use cases that retailers can develop on our platform:

  • Deploy AI/ML models at the edge for real-time analytics and insights
  • Run video surveillance and facial recognition applications at the edge for security and compliance
  • Enable digital signage and interactive kiosks at the edge for personalized marketing and engagement
  • Manage inventory and supply chain at the edge for efficiency and accuracy
  • Integrate with IoT devices and sensors at the edge for smart store automation

A large food retailer leveraged Platform9’s platform to run innovative applications in thousands of their stores around the United States that significantly reduced the time it took for them to fulfill customer orders.  Check out the case study here: Global Food Retailer Accelerates Store Digitization with Platform9 – Platform9

Learn more about Platform9 retail edge solution here: Retail Edge – Platform9

Platform9 Telco 5G solution

Platform9 automates the deployment of the complete 5G infrastructure stack and offers competitive and differentiated services for many telco and enterprise customers.

Here is just a sample of use cases that businesses can develop on our platform:

  • Enhanced Mobile Broadband: high-speed – eMBB. e.g. AR/VR,Audio/Video streaming etc.
  • Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication: uRLLC. e.g. Autonomous vehicles, Smart City & Traffic Management
  • Massive Machine Type Communication (IoT): mMTC. e.g. IoT/Edge Compute

Leveraging these powerful capabilities to empower developers and operators of 5G networks:

  • Centrally deploy and run Kubernetes, CNF (Container Network Functions), and VNF (Virtual Network Functions) across 10,000s of cell towers and Central Offices
  • Fully automate CNF/VNF life cycle management with cluster-level and network APIs
  • Leverage advanced networking for low-latency, high-performance capabilities at scale

Learn more about Platform9 telco edge solution here: Telco 5G – Platform9

Join us at booth 234

If you are attending the Edge Computing Expo North America 2023, we invite you to visit us at booth 234 to learn more about our platform and solutions. You can also schedule a demo or a consultation with our experts to see how we can help you with your edge computing needs.

Gartner report on best practices for successful edge implementations

As a bonus, we are also offering you a free copy of the Gartner report “5 Top Practices of Successful Edge Computing Implementers”. This report will provide you with valuable insights and recommendations on how to plan, design, deploy, and operate your edge computing projects. You can access the report here:

We hope to see you at the Edge Computing Expo North America 2023. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how edge computing can transform your business with Platform9.


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