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Kubernetes FinOps: Elastic Machine Pool Step-by-Step guide : Part 2

By Joe Thompson

If you’ve finished going through Part 1 of this post and are now back with a fresh beverage, welcome back.  If everything went well in the previous steps, you now… Read More

Kubernetes FinOps: Elastic Machine Pool(EMP) Step-by-Step guide : Part 1

By Joe Thompson

In previous blog posts and articles, we’ve laid out some of the issues operators encounter with optimizing Kubernetes utilization, and how our Elastic Machine Pool product comprehensively solves those issues… Read More

Top 6 FinOps KPIs for EKS  

By Chris Jones

The FinOps foundation is a treasure trove of useful frameworks, guides and importantly KPIs and I would recommend everyone dive in and explore. However, sometimes frameworks, guides and KPIs can… Read More

The argument for AWS Spot Instances

By Chris Jones

In a spot market, buyers and sellers immediately exchange financial securities for cash. The spot price is what buyers and sellers agree to pay or receive for an asset. When… Read More

Maximize cloud usage and cost efficiency using FinOps best practices

By Kamesh Pemmaraju

This blog post is a detailed recap of a recent Platform9 webinar led by FinOps ambassador Dieter Matzion, who shared invaluable insights into how to use FinOps best practices to… Read More

Run EKS workloads on 50% compute resources with Elastic Machine Pool

By Kamesh Pemmaraju

In this blog post, we will summarize our recent webinar showcasing the value of Platfom9’s latest product, Elastic Machine Pool (EMP), as well as a demonstration of how it works…. Read More

Kubernetes FinOps: Right-sizing Kubernetes workloads

By Joe Thompson

In the earlier blog posts in this series, we detailed some of the mechanisms in Kubernetes available to control the resources allocated to the workloads in the cluster.  But even… Read More

Kubernetes FinOps: Resource management challenges

By Joe Thompson

In our previous blog post we covered the different ways to think of “utilization” in Kubernetes, and some of the basic metrics that are most commonly used to control application… Read More

Kubernetes FinOps: Basics of cluster utilization

By Joe Thompson

Whether you run applications in the cloud or on-premise, optimizing your utilization of the computing hardware you rent or own is a necessary part of operations. The term “FinOps” is… Read More

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