White Paper

Optimizing Kubernetes for 5G Environments

kubernetes in 5g environments

5G network operators manage complex and dynamic infrastructure, including thousands of radio towers and networks, while controlling software applications across multiple layers. They must meet strict performance and latency standards, and have the ability to dynamically shift services for optimized network performance, improved latency, and reduced operational costs.

Consequently, 5G architectures must be services-based, deploying vast numbers of VNFs or CNFs across distributed locations. While Kubernetes can manage CNFs, it has limitations in managing 5G services across dispersed areas with strict latency and performance needs.In this comprehensive whitepaper, you will gain insights on:

  1. Exploring Various 5G Use Cases
  2. Unraveling a Large-Scale 5G Architecture by a Mobile Operator
  3. Delving into Five Technical Challenges with 5G and Kubernetes
  4. Strategies for Addressing Operational Challenges

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