Architects guide to building private & edge clouds

The success of the public cloud has educated the world about what is possible when infrastructure can be consumed at scale with the speed and simplicity made possible by SaaS management.

The days of private clouds being managed in more traditional, labor intensive ways are numbered. The speed, savings and simplification of SaaS based management is significant; and enterprises will choose from either entirely outsourcing the cloud to public cloud providers, or using a SaaS Management model for their private clouds.

For the emerging category of edge cloud computing, geographic distribution of infrastructure and work- loads limit the reach of the public cloud. Similarly, distributed edge environments need to be managed centrally, with little to no “touch”. It is clear that SaaS based management will be the de-facto standard for distributed cloud management.

In this whitepaper you will learn about:

  • Why “SaaS Managed” is the future?
  • Summary of other solutions in the market
  • SaaS Managed cloud operating model architecture
  • Automated lifecycle management and SLA & KPIs
  • How Platform9 works
  • And more!

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