Enterprise grade Kubernetes solution for your AI infrastructure

Leverage Platform9’s Kubernetes expertise and Always-On Assurance™ operational model to manage AI infrastructure across data centers, public clouds, and the edge.

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The operational challenges of AI infrastructure

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Data scientists and researchers 

Require flexible, high-performance resources for data experimentation, model training, and inferencing without operational and infrastructure complexity overhead.

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MLOps and DevOps

Need total control, high availability, and fault tolerance to ensure reliable model deployment, continuous delivery, and governance.

Maintaining operational consistency across core data centers, public clouds, and edge locations is exponentially complex in a heterogeneous distributed environment.

Achieve a cloud operational model for on-premises, edge, and public cloud deployments

Balancing the needs of data teams, MLOps, and DevOps across a distributed footprint

  • Adopt Kubernetes as the foundational compute fabric for a consistent abstraction across your distributed footprint.
  • Leverage a unified management plane and operations plane for repeatable, automated, and consistent operations.
  • Deliver closed-loop automation driven by telemetry data, machine learning, and codified runbooks.
  • Enable continuous operational improvement through a virtuous cycle of observability and analytics.
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Platform9’s Always-On Assurance™ ensures reliable, efficient cloud operations

Platform9’s unique approach resolves 97.2% of issues before customers notice a cluster problem. Experience unmatched efficiency, reliability, uptime, and support for your AI infrastructure.

Ensure guaranteed 99.9% SLA

Using remote monitoring, auto-alert and auto-ticket generation, and proactive troubleshooting integrated with our support systems.

Rapid customized day-1 deployment

Guided onboarding is perfectly tailored to your specific infrastructure environment and business needs. Successfully navigate adoption regardless of internal expertise.

Resilience from the get-go

Automated backup, archival, and recovery strategies. Regular fire drills to validate backup processes.

Maintain day-2 performance and operations

SaaS management enables automated scaling, seamless upgrades, and fine-grained RBAC and zero-trust policies. Maintain optimized performance post-deployment.

World-class proactive support with certified expertise and collaborative culture

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CKA/CKS certified

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100% CSAT

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99.9% SLA

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SOC2 compliant

Dive deeper

Read the detailed architecture and the technical details about how Platform9 delivers Always-On Assurance™ with simplified Kubernetes management and enterprise support designed for AI workloads, reducing operational complexities and costs.

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AI pioneer exceeds rollout targets by 200% in 6 weeks

A pioneering AI company has created an advanced  platform that combines proprietary AI hardware with robust software, outperforming traditional GPUs. This enables rapid training of deep learning models and the RAG generation of highly relevant content securely. Platform9 Kubernetes and operational model helped them deploy their systems across 100s of customer data centers in record time.

A graphic promoting the case study with the title of "AI pioneer exceeds rollout targets by 200% in 6 weeks"

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