Trouble Accessing Images in Your Image Catalog

If you have uploaded your virtual machine images to the designated image catalog folder on your host that’s been assigned the image catalog role, and you still don’t see those images in your images section of Platform9 UI, here are some common reasons why.

Permissions Not Set Correctly on your Image File

We require that the image file located in the image catalog folder is readable by the ‘pf9’ user and ‘pf9group’ group on your host that’s been assigned the image catalog role. Making the image world readable will work as well. Please fix the permissions for your image file, and refresh the Platform9 Images UI in 5 minutes to see if the Image appears.

[bash]# Make Image file world-readable
chmod o+r <image-file-path>[/bash]

Image Files Missing Right Metadata or Not Recognizable

Platform9 internally runs qemu-img (QEMU disk image utility) on the image file to discover its type and metadata about it. If the file is not recognized by qemu-img, we try to process it as a raw image file (extension .raw, .img, .dat, .bin), and if that fails, then we report failure to recognize the file (and the file won’t be reported in your image catalog).

Try running qemu-img on the image file and see what results you get.

[bash]sudo qemu-img info <image-file-path>[/bash]

Please read this article for more information on supported Glance file formats

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