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Watch My GeekWire Talk: Not Your Mother’s Cloud – Best Practices for Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

By Madhura Maskasky

Last week I had the honor of speaking at GeekWire’s Cloud Tech Summit in Bellevue, WA. The event was a huge success, featuring a full day of talks, interviews, and... Read More

4 Key Takeaways from HPE Discover 2018

By Vamsi Chemitiganti

I had the pleasure of speaking at the recent HPE Discover conference, that took place last week in Las Vegas, and saw thousands of attendees – ranging from Fortune 500... Read More

Why Our Users Dig the SaaS-Managed Model for Hybrid Cloud So Much

By Ron Hansra and Amrish Kapoor

In today’s market customers take Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for granted.  It used to be that a customer would have to go to a software vendor and either buy bundled software that... Read More

Cloud Ease of Use, Performance, and Cost Savings: You CAN Have It All

By Gautam Jayaprakash

Platform9 helps customers build and run their cloud every day – with a SaaS-based, easy to use platform that lets you manage your hybrid environment- across bare metal, public cloud,... Read More

6 Key Insights from OpenStack Summit Vancouver

By Amrish Kapoor

This week, I had the opportunity to attend the OpenStack Summit, hosted in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada. IT was an exhilarating 4-days packed with all things OpenStack: Our... Read More

Making the Case for FaaS: Three Use Cases Where Fission Saves Time and Money

By Timirah James

What is FaaS? Function as a Service (FaaS) is a cloud computing framework that allows developers to rapidly create an application by writing short-lived functions and mapping them to triggers.... Read More

How Platform9 Left AWS, Ate its Own Dogfood, Saved Money and Scaled

By Gautam Jayaprakash

Platform9 offers the industry’s only SaaS delivered and managed cloud infrastructure platform that accelerates developer productivity while reducing IT spend and increasing resource utilization across data centers and clouds.  Unlike... Read More

Platform9 Brings SaaS and Serverless to Kubecon Europe

By Amrish Kapoor

Kubecon Europe: May 2 – 4, 2018 Kubecon Europe kicks off for its third edition in Europe this week. After highly attended events in London and Berlin over the last... Read More

Fission: The Open Source Alternative to AWS Lambda

By Amrish Kapoor

Alternative to AWS Lambda AWS Lambda ushered in the serverless movement when it was first rolled out by Amazon Web Services in November 2014. Serverless computing, also referred to as... Read More

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