Platform9 at Nutanix .NEXT in Washington, DC

Platform9 is proud to be a sponsor at Nutanix .NEXT in DC. We’ll be exhibiting at the show and demonstrating how our Platform9 Managed OpenStack can be leveraged with Nutanix’s hyperconverged hardware and Acropolis or VMware vSphere.

With Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud Platform and Platform9 Managed OpenStack, you can deploy, expand and upgrade seamlessly. This combination of Infrastructure and SaaS-managed solutions will let you deploy within an hour instead of days or weeks, and have OpenStack upgrades taken care-of by OpenStack experts. Here is a high-level overview of the Platform9 with Nutanix IaaS solution:

As shown above, Nutanix’s hypercoverged appliances expose the Acropolis API that can be used by Acropolis OVM. The Acropolis OVM in turn serves as an endpoint for OpenStack services: Cinder, Nova, Neutron, and Glance. The OpenStack Control Plane is deployed and managed by Platform9.

Check out the Platform9 and Nutanix solution brief today and visit us at booth B16 at Nutanix .NEXT to learn more!

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