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OpenStack Designate: Enabling DNS as a Service

By Sachin Manpathak

OpenStack Designate ― an open source project under the OpenStack umbrella ― provides DNS as a Service (DNSaaS) in OpenStack. It provides a standard, open API that can be used... Read More

OpenStack Load Balancer: Native vs. Third-Party Choices

By Sachin Manpathak

OpenStack load balancer supports both native and third-party methods of load balancing, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. What is load balancing? It is a technique used by service providers... Read More

Kubernetes 1.10: What’s New?

By Bich Le

Introduction Kubernetes 1.10 is set to be released on Wednesday, March 21. As has been the case over the past year, this release is characterized by incremental but significant enhancements in... Read More

Kubernetes Operations with Kops

By Arun Sriraman

Kubernetes Operations, or Kops, is an open source project used to set up Kubernetes clusters easily and swiftly. It’s considered  the “kubectl” way of creating clusters. Kops allows deployment of... Read More

Managed Kubernetes vs DIY: Top 3 Considerations Before You Choose

By Amrish Kapoor

As containerization continues to explode, the need for a container orchestration and management platform has exploded with it. Kubernetes has become that de facto leader for orchestration and management. At... Read More

Kubernetes Installation and Deployment: Key Capabilities Checklist

By Bich Le

Enterprise production readiness with Kubernetes installation and deployment means that you have the ability to securely and repeatedly deploy, manage and maintain multiple clusters over long periods of intensive usage.... Read More

Migration from AWS to Enterprise Data Centers: 5 Top Considerations

By Amrish Kapoor

Migration From AWS to Data Centers from Public Clouds and Achieving Data Center Consolidation The convenience offered by public clouds e.g. AWS from both agility and flexibility perspectives has been... Read More

Kubernetes Helm: Why It Matters

By Roopak Parikh

Kubernetes Helm, by making application deployment easy, standardized and reusable, improves developer productivity, reduces deployment complexity, enhances operational readiness, and speeds up the adoption of cloud native apps. These applications... Read More

OpenStack Omni, the Open-Source Alternative to VMware and AWS for Hybrid Cloud

By Amrish Kapoor

According to the 2017 State of the Cloud report, hybrid cloud usage has increased to 71%, up 13% from the previous year. As hybrid clouds become more of a common... Read More

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