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Create an Immutable Kubernetes Environment for Your CI/CD Pipeline

By Platform9

The secret to the success of any DevOps initiative is a stable CI/CD pipeline. CI – or Continuous Integration – involves automatically taking newly-merged code and then building, testing, and… Read More

How to Set Up and Run Kafka on Kubernetes

By Platform9

Apache Kafka is a leading open-source distributed streaming platform first developed at LinkedIn. It consists of several APIs such as the Producer, the Consumer, the Connector and the Streams. Together,… Read More

Containers Have Made It Easy to Build Your Own CDN. Should You?

By Platform9

Building your own Content Delivery Network, or CDN, was once feasible only for major companies with large budgets and development teams. But thanks to containers, it has become practical for… Read More

How Containers Can Improve Content Delivery Networks

By Platform9

Of all the technology niches that containers have disrupted, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) may not appear high on the list. To date, the biggest impact made by containers has centered… Read More

Kubernetes for CI/CD at scale

By Platform9

Overview In this post you’ll learn: CI/CD platforms for Kubernetes How to Install Jenkins on Kubernetes Scaling CI/CD Jenkins Pipelines with Kubernetes Best Practices to use Kubernetes for CI/CD at… Read More

Kubernetes Container Registry and Image Scanning

By Platform9

If you’ve been investigating Kubernetes – or any container management system – you might have come across references to an image registry. In this article, we’re going to talk about… Read More

Stateful applications with Kubernetes

By Platform9

When containers became mainstream, they were designed to support ephemeral – stateless – workloads. Since then, a lot of effort has been made to support stateful applications in the container… Read More

Kubernetes for Machine Learning

By Platform9

Machine Learning (ML) is rapidly becoming essential to businesses and institutions across the globe.  Each organization must meet the challenge of provisioning a computational infrastructure that can support a resource-intensive… Read More

Kubernetes Service Discovery: Principles in Practice

By Platform9

Overview This article will cover: What Is Kubernetes Service Discovery Deploy an Application as a Pod Create A Kubernetes Service Service Discovery Troubleshooting What Is Kubernetes Service Discovery One of… Read More

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