Democratizing MySQL: From Cloud Managed to Kubernetes Managed

At the recent KubeCon Barcelona conference I had the pleasure to deliver a joint talk with our friends at PressLabs about MySQL on Kubernetes.

Platform9, like many startups, used public cloud-based MySQL service as a backend to quickly get started. But as our customer base grew, the public cloud costs became significant.

Our goal for this project was ambitious: we wanted to run our own MySQL-as-a-service without any in-house MySQL expertise. We also wanted to ensure our model scales well, and that is achievable with a small team.

In this joint session, we share how Platform9 has reached this goal by using a highly flexible open-source MySQL Operator, written by Presslabs—a startup that aims at democratizing the WordPress hosting infrastructure by using Kubernetes and other open technologies.

This is a back-to-back combo talk featuring 2 people who know the MySQL Operator better than anyone, but differently: the original builder and its heaviest user.

Unfortunately, I was not able to travel to Barcelona at the last minute, so was not able to be there in person. But – thanks to the wonders of modern technology – I was able to deliver my part of the session remotely, via video – including a quick demo and Q&A!

Watch the recording of our talk below, including a demo of our MySQL-as-a-Service operations!

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