Open Source is at the Heart of What We Do

At Platform9, we are committed to open source technology as a strategic core of our architecture that’s at the heart of everything we do.

We fundamentally believe that open source is where innovation happens in modern software development and IT operations. We believe in embracing open source technologies and making them easier to consume by providing them as a service — so that we are all able to deliver distributed applications in a more streamlined, cost effective and scalable way. Together.

Building on open source as a fundamental principle ensures that we, and our users, can:

  1. Incorporate the latest and greatest innovation in the space, as it continues to evolve, and benefit from the vibrant open source community
  2. Future-proof our solution for whatever new technology comes next. Today it is Kubernetes to support bare metal, VMs and microservices . Tomorrow it could be something else.
  3. Avoid lock-in, and be portable and interoperable across any environment or cloud provider
  4. Be easily extensible and flexible to support new integrations, services and specific use cases
  5. Benefit from open source economics and savings vs. high licensing fees of proprietary solutions.

Our Platform:

Open Source, Delivered as SaaS

Open source is great, but it can prove challenging to manage and support in a standardized way, at scale, for mission-critical applications.

To that end, our solution combines the power of SaaS with best of breed open source frameworks that are delivered as-a-service, in a single, unified platform. So you never have to worry about upgrades, patches, backup, scaling, or all those other management tasks.

Our hybrid cloud platform was designed from the ground up to leverage the industry’s de-facto open source standards – Kubernetes for Containers, OpenStack for VMs, and Fission for Serverless applications. This allows us to deliver the economics and interoperability of open source, without the vendor lock-in and maintenance/DIY overhead.


Our Open Source Projects

In addition to our commercial offering, Platform9 has a history of creating and contributing to other free open source projects. This is our way of giving back to the community to advance the art and science of software delivery.

Learn more about the projects we kicked off and contributed to the open source community under the Apache license:


Fission Serverless Framework is a Kubernetes-native framework for Serverless functions that lets you run your own Lambda-like service on any environment- on premises or in the public cloud.

Fission offers a complete platform for serverless – including code creation, deployment & operations, monitoring, and cost optimization, ensuring high-quality functions are delivered to your end users.

Learn More and Install Fission


etcdadm (etcd admin)

Inspired by kubeadm, etcdadm is an open source command-line tool that allows users to easily configure, install and operate secure etdc clusters that can run anywhere – in the cloud, on-premises, as well as on air-gapped environments.

See Github



Klusterkit is a set of 3 open source tools designed to simplify deployment and operations of highly-available, multi-master, production-grade Kubernetes clusters on on-premises, air-gapped environments.

Klusterkit is comprised of: cctl, etcdadm, and nodeadm.

Learn more

OpenStack Omni

OpenStack Omni

A set of OpenStack drivers for managing hybrid and multi-cloud environments. This project bridges a critical gap, enabling OpenStack to manage VMs, networks and volumes on public cloud.

Learn more



Decco is a lightweight framework that simplifies the deployment of multi-tenant applications for Kubernetes by automating network configuration, and security hardening of Internet-facing applications.

See Github

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