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The Fastest, Easiest Way to Set Up & Run Shared Clusters for Your Team

Enable your engineering team to deploy & manage Kubernetes apps with CI/CD pipelines on public, private or edge clouds with fully automated Day 2 operations

Platform9 DevOps Shared Cluster

DevOps teams of all sizes use Platform9 Managed Kubernetes (PMK) to support their Engineering teams

Juniper Networks
Ravi Ravichandran
“To get our products to market quickly, the last thing we needed to worry about was running Kubernetes 24x7, managed, maintained, and upgraded. Platform9 solved that problem for us with their SLA-backed managed service.”
Ravi RavichandranVP Engineering, Cloud platform & Devops, Juniper Networks

Why Use PMK

Platform9 manages your Kubernetes deployments, scaling, upgrades, and monitoring so you can focus on running your production applications. Stand up and run a production-grade cluster to run your team’s CI/CD workloads.

Deploy Clusters Instantly, Anywhere

Spin up a cluster in <5 minutes on AWS, Azure, VMs, or Bare Metal. Native integrations across bare-metal provisioning, private and public clouds. Deploy applications using the native Helm repository.


Easily Set Up Developer Access

Easily invite end-users and provide them granular permissions with built-in RBAC.

Manage Your Clusters

Fully automated upgrades and patching to the latest versions of Kubernetes. Additionally, built-in auto-scaling simplifies the expansion of Kubernetes clusters.

Manage Your Clusters
DevOps Cycle

Connect to Your CI/CD Pipeline

Automated CI/CD pipelines provide standardized feedback loops to developers, enabling faster product iterations.

Meet Your SLOs with Guaranteed Uptime

SLOs and SLAs on production applications with 99.9% SLA available with our Growth & Enterprise plans.

DevOps Cycle

Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Platform9’s Managed Kubernetes is designed for operators and SRE’s alike to achieve their uptime goals through built-in monitoring using Prometheus, Alertmanager, and Grafana.

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Create Your Shared Clusters

& Run Production Apps


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