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Managing Kubernetes at Scale is Hard​

Platform9 offers an extremely easy-to-use solution that delivers Kubernetes as a true SaaS-managed service, simplifying every aspect of management and integration whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Trying to Scale Kubernetes yourself on-premises?

Whether you are using Kubernetes distributions (OpenShift, Rancher etc) or upstream Open Source versions, you are taking on the operational burden of managing Kubernetes yourself. While this offers you lots of flexibility and customizability, it can get onerous once you enter production.


Challenge: Talent Search

Talent Search

Expert Kubernetes Ops talent is hard to find and retain
Challenge: Time


It can take months and cost a lot to roll out a production deployment at scale
Challenge: Maintainability


Maintaining upgrades & security while ensuring high uptime/availability is extremely complex

Case Study

See How Platform9 is helping Juniper Networks Scale Kubernetes On-premises

“To get our product to market quickly, the last thing we needed to worry about was running Kubernetes 24/7, managed, maintained, and upgraded. Platform9 solved that problem for us with their SLA-backed managed service.”
Ravi Ravichandran

VP Cloud Platform Engineering, Cloud Operations & DevOps, Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks had an aggressive 6-month timeline to deploy Kubernetes on-premises across 100s of bare metal nodes in two globally distributed data centers. They estimated that they would need to hire 18 Kubernetes experts and it would take 9-12 months to implement and operate at this scale in production.

With Platform9, they were able to deploy and scale into production in a few weeks and leverage Platform9’s remote SaaS service to manage, maintain, and upgrade their K8s clusters.

Using Public Clouds to Run Kubernetes?

Public clouds offer operational simplicity and time to value. However, you lose flexibility and customizability and the ability to run Kubernetes on your own infrastructure in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment


Challenge: Scaling


You still need Kubernetes Operational talent to scale and configure Kubernetes on public cloud resources
Challenge: Flexibility


You will lose the flexibility of leveraging your infrastructure in other clouds or on-premises
Challenge: Lock-In


You can get locked-in to proprietary technology stacks that add unneeded costs and services over time.

Definitive Lock-in Guide

Read this guide to understand cloud lock-in risks and how to mitigate them

Lock-in happens due to public cloud proprietary API dependencies as well as higher up the stack services such as PaaS and system-level services like IAM, data services, etc. Additional layers of lock-in occur due to data gravity, the cloud provider’s certifications and ecosystem, employee skills, and contractual obligations.

As cloud-agnostic management and support solution for Kubernetes, Platform9 makes it easy to deploy pure upstream open-source Kubernetes platforms on your terms, using whichever infrastructure you like, no matter where it is located, and to move or extend them at will.

Platform9 helps you unlock the full potential of Kubernetes in a modern hybrid- or multi-cloud environment by making it practical to leverage Kubernetes as cloud abstraction layers without becoming dependent on proprietary public clouds

What can Platform9 Managed Kubernetes do for you?

Fast, Frictionless, and Maintenance-Free

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes offers an extremely easy-to-use platform to run Kubernetes clusters. By delivering Kubernetes as a true SaaS managed service, Platform9 Managed Kubernetes makes every aspect of cluster management and integration easy – on-premises or in public clouds.

Icon: Cluster Deploy

Deploy a Cluster Instantly

Spin up a Kubernetes cluster in < 5 minutes – on your laptop, on-premise servers, VMs or on public clouds. Create production ready clusters just as easily, then scale them up or down on demand.
Icon: Cluster Management

Focus on Your Apps - We’ll Manage Your Cluster

Focus on your apps, and let PMK take care of every aspect of cluster management.

PMK remotely monitors your clusters 24/7, auto-troubleshoots and repairs them, allowing you to run apps hassle free

Icon: Integrates

Integrate With Your Existing Tools

PMK handles all aspects of Kubernetes integration for you – from built-in monitoring that integrates with your slack, to auto log forwarding to your aggregator, or integrating with your SSO provider, we have you covered.

Schedule a 30 minute call and see how Platform9 can help you

Platform9’s Managed Kubernetes offering is designed to help you run Kubernetes at scale without the manual burden of upgrades, patching, monitoring & other Day 2 activities. Our SaaS Management Plane is the brain at the center of our Managed Kubernetes platform. It remotely monitors, optimizes, and heals your clusters and underlying infrastructure

Want to learn more about how Platform9 is better?

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