A Buyer’s Guide to
Enterprise Kubernetes Solutions

Compare Alternatives to Amazon EKS for Kubernetes

Download this comparison guide to learn how Anthos stacks-up against different Kubernetes solutions across 19 key capabilities. Download this guide now to learn about:

  • Your various Kubernetes alternatives
  • Provisioning of Kubernetes Clusters
  • High Availability and Healing
  • Deployment Models Supported
  • Prerequisites and Operating System Requirements
  • Monitoring and Operations Management
  • Multi-cluster Management
  • And more!
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In just a few years, Kubernetes has rapidly emerged as the de-facto open-source standard for container orchestration. Numerous Kubernetes products have emerged recently making it difficult to compare their offerings. This guide identifies 19 technical and operational capabilities to consider while evaluating various vendor offerings. It then provides a summary and a detailed comparison of these capabilities for five leading solutions in this market: VMware Tanzu, Google Anthos, Red Hat OpenShift, Rancher, and Platform9 Managed Kubernetes.

Looking for alternatives to Amazon EKS? Dig into the details in our Kubernetes comparison scorecard and detailed comparison table, featuring various alternatives to EKS.

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