2022 Enterprise Trends

in Cloud Native

Based on a survey of 500+ participants including many executives across 450 unique companies and 85 industries, the report reveals interesting findings including:

  • The #1 concern of executives in their cloud native journey
  • The type of cloud native talent most in demand in 2022
  • The most popular solutions to address cloud lock-in
2022 Cloud Native Report
Platform9 conducted a survey between December 15th and January 8th, 2022, to learn how enterprises are adopting cloud-native technologies including their investments & hiring plans, anticipated challenges, cloud lock-in concerns, etc. The respondents included 526 architects, DevOps & cloud platform engineers, managers, and executives across 85 industries and 450 unique companies.

This research report “2022 Enterprise Trends in Cloud-Native,” details several important insights gleaned from the survey and 1:1 interviews. Some key findings include:

  • Kubernetes dominates container management: Nearly 85% of respondents are using Kubernetes or have plans to deploy it in the next six months.
  • Cloud-native hiring continues to be a priority: DevOps, cloud platform engineering, cloud-native developers, and security are the top hiring investments for 2022.
  • Executives across the board are looking for practical solutions to reduce vendor lock-in: While 61% of respondents have high or moderate concern about vendor lock-in, 71% of advanced users with larger deployments are even more concerned than early users.

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2022 Cloud Native Survey - Country Demographics
2022 Cloud Native Survey - Personas Represented
2022 Cloud Native Survey - Node Size

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