What is Fission?

Fission is a new, open-source, serverless framework built on Kubernetes with a focus on developer productivity and high performance. With Fission, developers write short lived functions in any language, and map them to HTTP requests or event triggers. Functions are deployed instantly with one command. There are no containers to build and no Docker registries to manage. Fission is extensible to any language; it currently supports NodeJS and Python, with more languages coming soon. Fission is open source under the Apache License. It works on a Kubernetes cluster anywhere: in your private datacenter, in a public cloud, or on your laptop.

Why Serverless on Kubernetes?

Using a serverless framework on Kubernetes allows you to share the same cluster for both serverless/FaaS-style solutions as well as microservice-based architectures. Kubernetes provides a great foundation for serverless functions to coexist and interoperate with other services on the cluster.

Fission Serverless API Backends

Use Fission to Build your Serverless App

Create API backends for web and mobile apps without managing servers. Just write functions and map the to HTTP routes. Fission takes care of the rest: deployment, routing, scalability, availability. Use Kubernetes’ service discovery and networking to interoperate with other services, like memcached, Redis, Postgres, etc.


Roadmap in Progress

Fission is in early alpha: there’s lots more to come. We’re working on improving dev and ops workflows for serverless functions, on growing our ecosystem of integrations, and much more.



Fission is Ready for Trial

Fission is an open source project in early alpha by Platform9 Systems. Learn more about Fission on our Github project page.

Install Alpha Version

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