A Dream Realized: Announcing General Availability for KVM

15 months ago, we founded Platform9 because we had a dream. A dream that private clouds could be simple, and easy, and inexpensive for all organizations. That the customizability, control and features available in data center computing would not be lost because putting them together was so hard that few could do so successfully.
There was a fair amount of skepticism as we got started. “A cloud service to manage data center infrastructure?”. “OpenStack is never going to work”. “Private clouds are just too hard”. “Single pane across virtualization platforms: not possible”. “If this could be done, it would have been done by now”.

But then, there were the believers. All of our early customers who had nothing but wireframes from us, yet backed us to go on and make this real. Satish, Scott and the team at Redpoint who backed us to the hilt. And most importantly, a team of amazing people who looked at the mission and said “Bring it on”.

Today, we’re delighted to announce general availability of Platform9 Managed OpenStack for KVM environments:

With nothing more than cheap commodity infrastructure, running a free (or other) Linux distribution, you can have a production ready, AWS-like, OpenStack based private cloud within minutes. The price is the icing on the cake, especially when you consider the operational savings of never having to baby-sit the management software.

We are also announcing Beta availability for VMware vSphere, and are fully committed to supporting Docker in future.

The best part: we’re still dreaming. We’re just getting started.

Sirish Raghuram

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