Platform9 Open-sources Klusterkit to Simplify the Deployment and Operations of Production-grade Kubernetes Clusters on On-premises, Air-gapped Environments

Klusterkit is comprised of three open source tools that can be used independently or in tandem, to simplify the creation and management of highly-available, multi-master, production-grade Kubernetes clusters on-premises.

Sunnyvale, CA – April 16, 2019 – Platform9, the leader in SaaS-managed hybrid cloud, today announced Klusterkit – a set of three open source Kubernetes tools that enable organizations to easily deploy and operate production-grade Kubernetes clusters in air-gapped, on-premises environments (

Each of the three tools comprising Klusterkit fills a gap in the Kubernetes community toolchain, and can be used independently or in tandem:

  1. etcdadm adopted by Kubernetes Cluster Lifecycle SIG, etcdadm is a kubeadm-like command-line interface (CLI) that simplifies the operation of secure, highly-available, etcd clusters.  (
  2. nodeadm is a command-line interface node administration tool to complement kubeadm by deploying the dependencies that kubeadm requires, such as the kubelet binary. nodeadm makes it simple to deploy a Kubernetes control plane or nodes on any machine running Linux (
  3. cctl a cluster lifecycle management tool that is based on the Kubernetes community’s Cluster API spec, and uses nodeadm and etcdadm to easily manage highly-available Kubernetes clusters on bare metal, on-premises, air-gapped environments (

The combination of these three tools enables the deployment and operation of a highly-available etcd cluster and Kubernetes control plane in air-gapped, on-premise environments. Klusterkit also allows recovering a completely failed cluster control plane from an etcd snapshot. Additionally, it packages all the artifacts required to deploy Kubernetes in an air-gapped environment allowing teams to operate Kubernetes clusters where remote, cloud-managed clusters are not feasible.

“Klusterkit presents a powerful, yet easy-to-use Kubernetes toolset that complements community efforts like Cluster API and kubeadm to allow enterprises a path to modernize applications to use Kubernetes, and run them anywhere — even in on-premise, air-gapped environments,” said Arun Sriraman, Kubernetes Technical Lead Manager at Platform9. Some of our customers have been using Klusterkit at scale for the past year, to power dozens of mission-critical Kubernetes applications that operate in highly secured, isolated, air-gapped environments. It has allowed them to standardize their cloud-native efforts on open source, while simplifying support for Day-2 operations, at scale, across a complex matrix of deployment targets.”

“Platform9 is committed to the open-source Kubernetes cluster lifecycle tools. Etcdadm began its life as part of Klusterkit and ended up a community project. We are proud to open source the rest of Klusterkit and will continue to enhance it for Kubernetes users everywhere,” said Daniel Lipovetsky, Kubernetes Technical Lead at Platform9.

To learn more about Klusterkit:

  • Visit
  • Read the tutorial blog post to learn how to use the different tools
  • Join the CNCF-hosted webinar today, 4/16 for a deep-dive into etcdadm – one of the tools included in Klusterkit. In this webinar, Daniel Lipovetsky, Kubernetes Technical Lead at Platform9 will explain the etcdadm design in depth, and discuss how Platform9’s experience running etcd clusters in production informed that design. Daniel will also demonstrate deploying a highly available etcd cluster using etcdadm, recovering the cluster from both partial and complete failures. In the process, he will cover important etcd runtime parameters and caveats of dynamic cluster reconfiguration.

To learn more about Platform9’s hybrid cloud and managed Kubernetes offerings, visit

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