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Kubernetes FinOps: Right-sizing Kubernetes workloads

By Joe Thompson

In the earlier blog posts in this series, we detailed some of the mechanisms in Kubernetes available to control the resources allocated to the workloads in the cluster.  But even… Read More

Kubernetes FinOps: Resource management challenges

By Joe Thompson

In our previous blog post we covered the different ways to think of “utilization” in Kubernetes, and some of the basic metrics that are most commonly used to control application… Read More

Kubernetes FinOps: Basics of cluster utilization

By Joe Thompson

Whether you run applications in the cloud or on-premise, optimizing your utilization of the computing hardware you rent or own is a necessary part of operations. The term “FinOps” is… Read More

Transforming The Edge: Platform9 Introduces Highly-Available 2-Node Kubernetes Cluster

By Peter Fray

Traditionally, Kubernetes deployments required a minimum of three nodes, but this approach is often impractical in many environments. Space constraints and, more importantly, cost considerations pose challenges. This is especially… Read More

Platform9 Introduces Elastic Machine Pool (EMP) at KubeCon 2023 to Optimize Costs on AWS EKS

By Platform9

In the world of cloud-native technologies and container orchestration, Kubernetes stands out as a leading choice. However, as organizations increasingly adopt Kubernetes, they face challenges related to cost optimization and… Read More

KubeCon 2023 Through Platform9’s Lens: Key Takeaways and Innovative Demos

By Platform9

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America in Chicago has come and gone, but the Platform9 team is still buzzing from the event, brimming with newfound knowledge and innovative ideas. The conference… Read More

An introduction to Flux – Part 1: History and features

By Chris Jones

The following blog provides an overview of Flux, its lifecycle, adoption, unique capabilities, and several references to help you get started. This is not intended to be a getting started… Read More

Build infrastructure for apps

By Chris Jones

This is the 4th blog in Chris Jones’s series on scaling Kubernetes for applications, GitOps, and increasing developer productivity. You can read part 3 here, or can go back and… Read More

Build complete clusters, not parts

By Chris Jones

This is the 3rd blog in Chris Jones’s series on scaling Kubernetes for applications, GitOps, and increasing developer productivity. You can read parts 1 and 2 here and here. Imagine, your… Read More

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