Supercloud 2022: Is Kubernetes an Enabler or a Blocker?

That’s a wrap on Supercloud 2022! There were a lot of great discussions, insights, and thoughts on the future of multicloud and on premises solutions. Luckily, even if you missed the live event, we have one such discussion to share with you. Here is Bhaskar Gorti, CEO of Platform9, discussing supercloud.

“I think the reason why we think supercloud is a better term than multicloud, multiclouds are more than one cloud, but they’re disconnected. You have a productivity cloud, you have a Salesforce cloud, and everyone has an internal cloud, but they are not connected. So you can say, “Okay, it’s more than one cloud, so it’s multicloud,” but supercloud is where you are actually trying to look at this holistically, whether it is on prem, whether it is public, whether it’s at the edge, it’s at store, at the branch, you are looking at this as one unit, and that’s where we see the term supercloud is more applicable because what are the qualities that you require if you’re in a supercloud? You need choice of infrastructure, but at the same time, you need a single platform for you to build your innovations on regardless of which cloud you’re doing it on, so I think supercloud is actually a more tightly integrated, orchestrated management philosophy.”


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