Introducing Platform9 : A better way to go cloud native (Going Cloud Native, Part 2)

See Part 1: Keeping up with cloud native is hard.

We believe that the current enterprise cloud-native approach isn’t working. The pressure is on to go cloud native because it creates a better, more secure, customer experience. The journey to get there is difficult and expensive and yet getting there seems like a pipe dream. CIOs and engineering teams are faced with a rapid rate of technology change in the Kubernetes ecosystem, complexity and scale needs, multiple locations that must run in the cloud, and/or a skills gap that is ever increasing. It’s very hard to keep up. And no one can create a compelling customer experience when all they do is fix infrastructure issues. See Part I as we explored these challenges in detail.

Always-on assurance at scale is the missing link. Platform9 is a better way to go cloud native.

What if you can guarantee always-on assurance for a single unified cloud-native platform everywhere you want to run your container applications? What if you can easily consume cloud native platform without worrying about building and managing all the complex components with a large team?

You need the right infrastructure. The right orchestration. The right talent

Platform9 can accelerate your journey. Our cloud-native platform combined with deep expertise can help you

  • Future-proof your technology
  • Provide the right expertise at the right time
  • Reduce infrastructure footprint and operational costs
  • Refocus staffing on your business priorities
  • Increase speed of application deployment

Our Always-on Assurance™ gives you peace of mind, as you go cloud native.

No company deserves to be let down by a cloud infrastructure that creates friction, cost overruns, customer complaints, missed revenue opportunities, and failure.

The problems we solve

  • Rate of technology change in the Kubernetes ecosystem is not slowing down
  • Skills gap: Skills aren’t growing fast enough to catch-up with scaling needs and managing complexity
  • Complexity and scale: There are many other components in addition to Kubernetes.
  • Multiple locations: Public cloud, hybrid, on-premise, or edge, you get the same unified experience.

Our differentiation

  • World-class expertise and support: Our customers rave about our responsiveness , support, and on-demand expertise – a trusted extension of their team.
  • Always-on assurance: 24/7 remote monitoring, proactive problem resolution, security patching, managed upgrades, and guaranteed SLAs of the whole stack
  • Any location, any cloud: from a unified pane of glass. Centralized GitOps policy automation and continuous deployment across any public cloud, data center, or 1000s of edge locations.
  • Unified  bare metal and VM management:Competitors have different tools and products for this adding to skills/management overhead.

Our Platform

Available as SaaS as well as a self-managed & air-gapped installations, the platform abstracts infrastructure complexity and reduces burden on constrained internal staff.

Platform9 has integrated, tested, and packaged the following services to deliver a full-stack unified platform:

  • Containers
  • Virtualization
  • Baremetal
  • Continuous deployment

What is Always-on assurance™?

Platform9 assures all the components needed for container management and orchestration at scale.

Always-on assurance™ means that

  • We integrate, test, and package all the components AND deliver full life-cycle management and operational support including security patches, upgrades, and troubleshooting.
  • We automate many infrastructure operations from monitoring, auto-healing, auto-help-desk-ticket generation to proactive resolution and SLA management.
  • You can trust us and know that we can deliver 24/7 because of our consistent 100% CSAT scores year over year.
  • We are an extension of your team and we provide proactive responses even when unexpected outages occur at 2 am anywhere in the assured stack.
  • You can rely on our expert support and customer success team that are 100% certified Kubernetes admins (CKA) and have thousands of hours of experience helping customers just like you in their production deployments
  • Our platform has been battle-tested at scale powering more then 40,000 Kubernetes nodes in data centers, retail stores, 5G towers, and multiple public clouds.

Experience tangible business outcomes

By partnering with Platform9, enterprises such as Juniper Networks, RedFin, Cloudera, Snapfish, Mavenir have achieved 90% reduction in operational costs, guaranteed SLAs, and a 4x faster time to implement a production-ready cloud-native stack.

By leveraging our cloud-native software platform, these enterprises are able to :

Improve Agility

  • Focus on business problems and deliver revenue-generating applications, not cloud-native platform operations and tooling
  • Reduce time to market with cloud native workloads without the hard to find staff to run cloud-native platform

Reduce costs

  • Divert investments and resources to deliver revenue-generating container applications.
  • Reduce overhead and costs of non value-added activities of building and operating a cloud native platform.
  • Reduce costs via better server utilization and higher application density.
  • Leverage existing infrastructure investments for more cloud-like experience instead of purchasing additional services

Gain instant access cloud native expertise

  • Rely on Platform9 expertise who are an extension of your team to get the most out of your cloud-native environment. Platform9’s staff is 100% certified on cloud native tools and technologies

Achieve high-uptime

  • Achieve high up-time 24/7 with always-on assurance delivered with remote monitoring, auto-healing, auto-help-desk-ticket generation,  proactive issue resolution and SLA management.

Eliminate cost and overhead of truck rolls

  • Remotely deploy, upgrade, and troubleshoot your applications and cloud native platform –   any location, any cloud with a single pane of glass management.

The specific Platform differentiated capabilities

Platform9 brings several  differentiated capabilities that are not available elsewhere in market in a fully integrated stack with always-on assurance guarantees. This is what we mean by “batteries included”.

Key Capability Description
Full stack containers+virtualization+baremetal+Continous deployment Assured by Platform9 – Integrated, validated, packaged, and backed by an SLA
SaaS Consumed. Connect your infra and go.
Delivering Open Source Every component we use is 100% upstream open source. You can leave platform9 anytime and run it yourself.
Unified experience across platformOps and developers It is a single-entry point for managing containers, VMs, bare metal, and continuous delivery and working with containerized applications
24/7 always-on assurance with automated support and hands-on experts available Remote monitoring, self-healing, alerting, and proactive remediation.
Built for edge – easy management of 1000s of locations from a centralized control plane SaaS and bare metal orchestration makes edge easy.

DevOps, platform engineering and  infrastructure decision makers, and senior executives at enterprises such as Juniper Networks, RedFin, Cloudera, Snapfish, Mavenir have selected Platform9 for a better way to go cloud native.

Partner with Platform9 today to

  • Set new standards 
  • Deliver innovation to market 
  • Delight your customers 
  • Inspire your teams 
  • Be the envy of your peers 

It’s easy to work with us. Begin with a free 30-minute consultation with a Platform9 Cloud-Native Wizard who will review your current state of cloud-native and discuss a customized strategy to achieve your cloud-native niravana. 

Contact us today>>


Kamesh Pemmaraju

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