First OpenStack Provider Named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Management!

First OpenStack Provider To Win Cool Vendor

This week, we announced that Platform9 is a 2016 Cool Vendor for Cloud Management by Gartner, Inc. What does this mean for OpenStack providers and customers? In this post, I’d like to dive deeper and share three insights why this honor is significant.

First OpenStack Provider Named a Cool Vendor in Cloud Management

Gartner’s annual Cool Vendor honors are like the “Dean’s List” among disruptive enterprise focused startups.

In addition, Gartner’s analysts have some of the best industry research on cloud computing and OpenStack. While Gartner has published significant compelling research in the OpenStack space, it is notable that no OpenStack provider has won Cool Vendor for cloud management. Until now, that is. Platform9’s win in cloud management is significant because it is the first win for an OpenStack provider in the cloud management category.

Gartner Validation Significant for Enterprise Customers

At Platform9, we’ve seen massive interest from enterprises looking to adopt OpenStack and transform from a traditional IT environment to DevOps. If you were to ask CIOs of leading enterprises to pick analyst research they look for, Gartner would be #1 on the list. Not only does winning this honor help our future customers in their decision making, it also underlines OpenStack as the key cloud platform that has momentum in the enterprise.

Ease of Use and Time to Value Were Key Criteria for 2016

Here’s my favorite part: for 2016’s Cool Vendor in Cloud Management, ease of use and time to value were key criteria. You’ll probably recognize these are not OpenStack’s best attributes!

Since our founding, we have designed Platform9 Managed OpenStack with a focus on making private clouds easy. Winning the cloud management honor in 2016 is doubly sweet because of the emphasis on these key criteria and how important we think that is for customers, and for the future of private clouds.

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Sirish Raghuram

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