Demo of Platform9 Managed Kubernetes with Jenkins

Recently, we announced the beta release of Platform9 Managed Kubernetes, a SaaS-managed offering for Kubernetes. The “managed” experience means Platform9 handles all the nitty gritty details of Kubernetes deployment, configuration, ongoing monitoring, troubleshooting and upgrades. This lets software developers focus on using the Kubernetes APIs to build cloud-native applications, and DevOps teams can focus on realizing a multi-cloud strategy for their organization. What’s more, this services has all the enterprise-ready features such as integration with choice of persistent storage and networking technology, RBAC support, SSO integration, multi-tenancy and isolation. In this blog, Cody Hill, Systems Engineer at Platform9, gives a demo of Platform9 Managed Kubernetes using Jenkins as an example.

Cody walks us through the Platform9 UI and REST APIs for setting up and managing a Kubernetes cluster. He then deploys Jenkins master/slave nodes in a Kubernetes cluster and a containerized web application running in the same cluster. An automated Jenkins pipeline performs a rolling update of the web application and the changes are immediately reflected in the browser window connected to the web application. Check out the complete demo below.

Platform9’s single pane of glass can now manage containers just as easily as managing virtual machines, using a single consistent user interface and APIs. You can orchestrate VMs using OpenStack or containers using Kubernetes or both!


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