Panel Discussion: 2022 Enterprise Trends in Cloud Native

This event was held on Wednesday, January 26, 2022.

Watch this panel discussion of industry experts and experienced cloud-native practitioners as they review the results of the Platform9 survey and provided their own perspectives and insights.  Download the cloud-native full survey report here.

The panelists discussed the following topics:

Distributed clouds

What are the real issues that companies are facing as they grapple with building and operating distributed infrastructure? How are CI/CD automation and consistent deployments address the needs in the new world of distributed clouds?

Strategies for enabling app portability

How can companies enable app portability and abstraction of diverse and complex infrastructure landscape? How to address the vendor lock-in issue (expressed by 61% of the participants)? What is the importance of open source and how it can help reduce vendor lock-in?

Addressing operational concerns at scale

The survey revealed top concerns as consistent management across multiple clusters and clouds, high availability (uptime and SLA), cost optimization, observability, and troubleshooting. 91% of the participants had concerns spanning day-2 operations, security. What are some emerging cloud-native and automated ways of addressing some of these issues especially at distributed scale?

The rising importance of hybrid and on-premises deployment

Even as public cloud adoption is growing, the survey shows almost 67% of the deployments are still on-premises in private data centers and the edge. What are some strategies for hybrid deployments as companies move some of their workloads to the public clouds? How should that impact their container management strategy?

Cloud-native staffing challenges

Strategies to mitigate staffing shortages in DevOps, cloud platform engineering, security. Difference between SRE vs DevOps roles? Importance of building a cloud platform team. Does it make sense to do-it-all yourself despite the complexity and lack of skills? 

“This survey provides useful insights and should be required reading for enterprises early in their container and cloud platform transition. Even seasoned container and cloud adopters will find nuggets of wisdom in Platform9’s survey findings.” – Roy Chua, founder, and principal at AvidThink

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