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The Gorilla Guide to Kubernetes in the Enterprise

With the plethora of open source tools available, developers are often able to create a simple local Kubernetes environment for experimentation within a few days. But running Enterprise Kubernetes to power mission-critical production applications and managing day-2 operations has proven to be a daunting challenge.  

A complete Enterprise Kubernetes infrastructure needs proper DNS, load balancing, Ingress, stateful services, K8’s role-based access control (RBAC), integration with LDAP and authentication systems, and more. Once Kubernetes is deployed, day-2 operational challenges and life-cycle management comes into play: monitoring, alerting, troubleshooting,  upgrades, security patching, compliance checking and much more.

The Gorilla guide to Kubernetes in the Enterprise is your resource to ensure the success of your Enterprise Kubernetes projects by thinking through critical decisions around deployment options, day-2 operational considerations, use cases, and choosing your Kubernetes implementation solutions.

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