Unveiling the future of AI/ML deployments at KubeCon 2023 with Platform9

Platform9 at KubeCon 2023 North America

KubeCon 2023 in Chicago is more than just another technology conference; it is a showcase of cloud-native innovations, and Platform9 is at the forefront this year. We are focusing on Kubernetes management, purpose-built for AI/ML as well as other innovations in compute efficiency and cost optimization.

Silver Sponsor Spotlight: Platform9

As a proud Silver Sponsor of KubeCon, we are excited to introduce our innovative themes that address the current needs of the DevOps, MLOps, and Kubernetes communities. “Turbocharge Your AI Innovation and Slash Costs by Half with Our Always On Kubernetes,” our mantra, encapsulates our commitment to simplifying Kubernetes management, particularly for AI/ML in private cloud environments.

Kubernetes: The heartbeat of AI/ML innovations

Kubernetes is essential for deploying and scaling AI/ML workloads, owing to its ability to streamline processes such as testing, training, and inference. Kubernetes addresses resource demands, enables horizontal scaling via multiple pods, and aids in efficient GPU utilization.  However, there are numerous challenges, such as maintaining high availability and managing operational complexity. The lack of expertise in Kubernetes only exacerbates this issue.

As organizations embark on their AI journey, they often start with data scientists testing and training models on individual servers or laptops. However, scaling up to handle larger datasets and increased resource demands, such as GPUs and RAM, can be daunting. Check out our recently published article, AI/ML Scaling Made Simple: Harnessing Kubernetes, which sheds more light on how Kubernetes acts as a catalyst in simplifying the scaling of AI/ML workloads.

Cutting EKS cluster costs without cutting corners

We are developing new technology that will automatically maximize EKS cluster utilization. It aims to drastically reduce AWS costs by 50% by seamlessly integrating with your EKS clusters, with no application downtime. This initiative is the result of a thorough understanding of the prevalent resource wastage issue in EKS environments, in which a significant amount of CPU and Memory resources go unutilized, resulting in higher operational costs.

Must-see demos at our Booth B32

We are working to make Kubernetes as simple to use as possible for AI/ML projects, with an emphasis on on-premises deployments. We intend to demonstrate a zero-touch automated process for bringing up a complete Kubernetes cluster from bare metal on our live servers at the booth.

In addition, we are partnering with Union.ai to showcase the integration of Union Cloud with Platform9 Managed Kubernetes.  Union Cloud is a managed version of Flyte, the open-source, Kubernetes-native workflow orchestration platform initially developed at Lyft and current graduate project with LF Data and AI. Flyte aims to improve the operability and developer velocity of data and AI pipelines.

We will be showcasing these innovations twice daily. They are intended to show how simple it is to deploy and operate, making them a must-see spectacle at KubeCon 2023.

Be sure to drop by our booth (B32) to check out the demo schedules and interact with our solution experts.

Always-On Assurance™: Your Kubernetes, our responsibility

With our Always-On Assurance™, we handle remote monitoring, upgrades, and 24/7 proactive troubleshooting, ensuring your Kubernetes clusters are always up and running. With over 50 alerts, we are notified of potential issues before they cause downtime. Our remote monitoring technology, when combined with self-healing infrastructure and declarative management, enables the industry’s only true always-on solution. No more unreliable infrastructure, operational complexity, or long outages.

Engage with us: Your success, our priority

We invite you to delve deeper into what Platform9 brings to the Kubernetes ecosystem. Schedule a demo/meeting with Chris Jones to explore our AI/ML solutions.

For a detailed discussion on cost optimization for EKS clusters, Madhura Maskasky and Nate Conger are just a meeting away at the event. Book your slot here.

KubeCon 2023 is more than just a gathering of tech enthusiasts; it is also a launchpad for next-generation solutions. Platform9 is excited to interact with, engage with, and contribute to this thriving community. Let us shape the future of cloud-native technologies together!

Kamesh Pemmaraju

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