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Calico Zero Trust Networking on Platform9

By Platform9

What Is Zero Trust Networking and Why is it Important? What is a Zero Trust Network? Zero Trust Networking is an approach to network security that adopts a posture where… Read More

Hardening the OS in Kubernetes Clusters is A Critical Security Requirement

By Platform9

A critical security requirement for our customers is to harden their servers to reduce the attack surface by removing unnecessary software and by configuring the remaining components so an attacker… Read More

Learning About Kubernetes Admission Controllers and OPA Gatekeeper

By Platform9

Interested in Open Policy Agent and the Gatekeeper Project? In this post we will go over admission controllers, OPA, and Gatekeeper. The Kubernetes (K8s) platform consists of several components that… Read More

How to Implement PCI Requirement Of “Data Encryption In Flight” In Kubernetes Clusters

By Platform9

As I talk with customers and prospects that are interested in  Platform9 Managed Kubernetes offering, PCI requirements come up frequently.  One critical PCI requirement is data encryption in flight within… Read More

Kubernetes Security: What (and What Not) to Expect

By Platform9

When it comes to security, there is a lot that Kubernetes does. There is also a lot that it doesn’t do. To secure Kubernetes effectively for real-world deployment, you must… Read More

SELinux, Kubernetes RBAC, and Shipping Security Policies for On-prem Applications

By Platform9

Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is a swiss army knife for Linux security, which is as relevant in commodity Kubernetes deployments as it was in yesterdays era of artisanally crafted linux server… Read More

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