Democratize cloud computing by reducing operational burden and cloud cost

We empower DevOps and Platform Engineering teams to deploy, manage and run cloud infrastructure anywhere, eliminating operational hurdles and cost concerns, and freeing developers and data scientists to innovate.

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Introducing Elastic Machine Pool

The most efficient compute engine for public clouds

Run Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) workloads on 50% fewer nodes with our latest product innovation, Elastic Machine Pool (EMP), which automatically improves your EKS cluster CPU and memory utilization – without any pod disruption.

EMP is not yet another autoscaler or a FinOps tool. Instead, it creates an alternative hypervisor/virtualization layer on AWS bare metal to dramatically increase utilization beyond what is possible with existing approaches.

Webinar: Maximize cloud usage and cost efficiency using FinOps best practices

Tackling Kubernetes Underutilization: Cutting EKS Costs by 50%

Cloud management with unmatched efficiency, reliability, and uptime via Platform9 Always-On Assurance™

“We (Intel) have leveraged Platform9’s air-gapped kubernetes platform to create brand new market innovations. This has allowed us to focus our efforts on innovating for the market and our customers without worrying about the underlying cloud infrastructure.”

Caroline Chan

VP, Intel

“Platform9 support has been exemplar. Their support team has knowledge engineers who seems to understand our enviornments and have consistently provided viable and accurate recommendations/ suggestions based on the nature of the issues.”

Dipankar Biswas

Vice President, Reliability Engineering & Operations, EIS, EBSCO

“My experience with Platform9 since we use the product have been exceptional! The solution architect support at the beginning of our adoption on Kubernetes had helped a lot in our deployment and solving technical challenges in a very timely manner.”

Fai Lau

Sr. Unix Admin, Juniper Networks

Unlocking business agility:
Enterprise success with our unified platform

Our enterprise customers have reduced costs, improved productivity, increased platform uptime, and generated more revenues with faster software delivery.

Juniper Networks

Modernize 4x faster

Platform9 helped reduce costs by 50% and delivered 4x faster time-to-value, while maintaining a 99.95% SLA across global deployments.

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Resource: AI/ML Kubernetes

Outperform rollout targets

AI Pioneer exceeds rollout targets by 200% in 6 weeks

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Save 75% vs using public cloud

Platform9 reduced costs over public cloud and enhanced scalability, configuring infrastructure in 20 minutes that formerly took 6 weeks.

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A unified platform built to streamline operations and reduce costs

Platform9 delivers all the components and services you need to go into production confidently – with guaranteed SLA’s

Platform9’s unified management platform

Management services

Self-service UI, multi-cluster and site management, APIs, governance policy engine, and GitOps automation

Other infrastructure services

Monitoring, Logging, Ingress, Networking, Load balancer

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Virtualization service

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Container as a service


Bare metal as a service

Bare Metal

Your infrastructure

AWS Your Own Infrastructure Microsoft Azure Your Own Infrastructure

Determine your best Kubernetes strategy

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