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The Gorilla Guide to Kubernetes Operations

The Gorilla Guide to Kubernetes Operations

The Gorilla Guide To…® (Express Edition) Kubernetes Operations illuminates three major areas of your infrastructure that require standardization and consolidation:

  • Monitoring and observability
  • A service mesh for communication
  • Automated management and updates of multiple distributed locations

In each of these areas, you need one or a few modern tools that meet your organization’s needs. In this Gorilla Guide, you’ll learn where many companies go wrong and get trapped in suboptimal solutions or miss out on the ability to manage their systems consistently in all environments. You’ll see what each tool contributes to solutions that guarantee performance and uptime without requiring heroic efforts from operations staff.

In addition, you’ll get a glimpse into computing on 5G cell towers and other edge locations—a promising new environment for highly responsive applications. Rev up and take a tour!

The Gorilla Guide to Kubernetes Operations

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