Webinar: 2022 Cloud Native Plans Survey Findings Panel Discussion-TY

This event was held on Wednesday, January 26, 2022.

A recent survey conducted by Platform9 provided data into how enterprises are planning their 2022 cloud-native initiatives. 526 architects, DevOps engineers, cloud platform engineers, managers, and executives across 450 unique companies in 85 industries answered questions such as:
What are the 2022 enterprise investment priorities for cloud infrastructure, staffing, and services?
How are companies containerizing their monolithic applications?
What cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes solutions are companies using to deploy their cloud-native applications?
What challenges are companies facing in executing cloud-native transformation?
Join us on this panel discussion of industry experts and experienced cloud-native practitioners as they review the results of this survey and provide their own perspectives and insights.

“This survey provides useful insights and should be required reading for enterprises early in their container and cloud platform transition. Even seasoned container and cloud adopters will find nuggets of wisdom in Platform9’s survey findings.” – Roy Chua, founder, and principal at AvidThink, independent research and advisory service. Roy was previously co-founder at SDxCentral.

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