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Kubernetes for 5G

Platform9 enables communications service providers, carriers, and enterprises to develop and deliver differentiated, revenue-generating, 5G Services on Kubernetes.

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes offers the ability to deploy and manage cloud-native 5G RAN, IMS, Packet Core, and Edge VNFs and CNFs, along with advanced networking features designed to deliver near line-rate performance for network packets and to automate configuration and integration of host, physical, and virtual networks with Kubernetes clusters.

Featured advanced networking capabilities include:

  • IPv6 support for all native services and users’ Kubernetes clusters.
  • API-driven automated IP address management (IPAM) out of the box.
  • Multiple high-performance networking options: SR-IOV, DPDK, PCI-passthrough, MACvLan, and IPvLAN.
  • A fully-managed Kubernetes operator to automate remotely (no need to manually access the host) configuring a host and its physical network and “plumbing” all the necessary components and configuring them within a Kubernetes cluster for a particular use case and particular network.
  • Advanced pod scheduling and deterministic performance with CPU-pinning, NUMA-aware scheduling, HugePages, Topology Manager, and CPU manager.
  • Our unique SaaS-managed model eliminates the overhead of operating the underlying 5G infrastructure stack and helps customers deliver Revenue-Generating 5G Cloud-Native Services Faster.

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