Case Study

Transportation company keeps trucks on the road with Platform9 Managed Kubernetes

Case Study: Transportation Company

The leading transportation company has the most extensive transportation network in North America, making it easy to provide dependable on-time delivery and faster transit times. Sustained by its 60 years of experience, the company developed the transportation knowledge that is relied on and trusted by clients in various industries. The company uses complex software to manage route planning, freight tracking, customs processing, driver logs, and other tasks. They strive to create highly reliable software with high uptime because their company and customers rely on it.

“When a truck gets held up at the border due to a software issue, it’s more than just a delay. It might mean someone is losing money or causing someone to wait for essential medication – you just never know who that affects.”

When this software fails, the client‘s trucks and operations may come to a halt, disrupting delivery schedules across multiple industries. The consequences of delayed shipments affect everything from grocery store inventory to pharmaceutical supply chains. Outages could cause trucks to be delayed at borders or warehouses, resulting in dissatisfied customers and a loss of revenue.

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