Serverless Operations: 6 Best Practices from Dev to Production

What does it take to use serverless functions in Production, with safety, and at scale?

In this CNCF-hosted webinar, we cover a few specific approaches, patterns and best practices that you can use with any FaaS framework. These practices are geared towards improving quality, reducing risk, optimizing costs, and generally moving you closer towards production-readiness with serverless systems.

Soam Vasani – the creator of the Fission.io, the popular open source Kubernetes-native Serverless framework – shares 6 best practices and patterns designed to give Dev and Ops confidence in the quality of serverless functions, and reduce the risk of serverless applications’ releases.

He discusses:

  1. Declarative configuration
  2. Live-reload for fast feedback
  3. Record-replay for testing and debugging
  4. Canary Deployments
  5. Monitoring with metrics and tracing
  6. Cost optimization

He also shares a live demo showing how you can easily follow these practices with Fission, so you can use them on any infrastructure that runs Kubernetes (whether it’s your datacenter or the public cloud).

This video resource is available below.

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