Get Started with Serverless Applications: 3 Key Use Cases and Design Patterns

Serverless Computing offers an incredible opportunity for business to accelerate innovation and reduce operational costs – both for greenfield applications, as well as for established organizations with legacy applications and technical debt.

In this talk, we will discuss 3 key uses cases primed for Serverless, and share design patterns and tips to allow you to take advantage of Serverless in your organization, today.

We will cover Serverless as a ‘strangler’ pattern for modernizing monolithic, legacy applications and infrastructure. Event-driven processing: from fraud detection, transaction processing, mobile apps, IoT sensors, etc. Batch and real-time big data augmentation/data exposure.

We will also use the open source Fission.io serverless framework to demo how you can implement these use cases to run Serverless apps on-premises or in the cloud.

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