Platform9 5.5 Release Overview

Platform9 5.5

Platform9 5.5 Release Overview

One of the biggest challenges #cloudnative developers face is understanding how applications run at scale in #microservices architectures. Our latest 5.5 release addresses these challenges.

To help solve the complexity, we built a brand-new #developer IDE and launched ArgoCD-as-a-Service, available as a technical preview.

Our goal is to dramatically improve developer productivity with capabilities that make it very easy to build, troubleshoot, and scale cloud-native apps. This release includes the general availability of Managed #KubeVirt, which makes it easy to run virtual machines (VMs) alongside containers on a single unified platform. In addition, the Managed Bare Metal now includes Metal Kubed in technical preview.

Along with these updates, the user interface (UI) has been completely overhauled.

Check out the list of new features in 5.5 release:

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