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Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud Management Solution, 2018–19

Most organizations are looking to seamlessly leverage their multiple clouds and realize the benefits of a true hybrid cloud environment. However, evaluating cloud management products to determine which one gets you to the vision of a hybrid cloud is a time-consuming and complex process.

Ovum evaluated the execution, market impact, and technical capabilities of the products including breadth of clouds managed, performance, provisioning and automation, and many more to deliver a complete view of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud management products. Platform9 recorded the most maximum 10 out of 10 category-leading scores, with four out of the 20 available. Platform9 was recognized for its strong financial control of resources, from VMs to cloud-native, as well as great deployment flexibility from on-premises to public clouds, or as a SaaS solution.

Download this report to learn why Platform9 is positioned as the strongest challenger in this fast-paced market.

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