OpenStack Ironic: Enabling Bare Metal as a Service

OpenStack Ironic is an OpenStack project that provisions bare metal machines rather than virtual machines. Bare Metal as a Service (BMaaS) allows you to provision your Hadoop or SQL workloads, or even a hypervisor, on to bare metal infrastructures and treat them like cloud instances.

OpenStack Ironic is distinctive because it allows you to use a unified way of managing virtual machines as well as physical assets in the exact same workflow.

Ironic works by booting your system remotely and then provisioning an image (workload) to it, similar to how the public cloud boots a virtual machine and provisions an image to it. This allows you to utilize the same tooling that you would use to provision your virtual machine instances ― such as Heat, Orchestration or Murano apps ― or even provision Cinder volumes to them.

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