OpenStack Designate: Enabling DNS as a Service

OpenStack Designate provides DNS as a Service (DNSaaS) in OpenStack. It provides a standard, open API that can be used to program DNS.

Designate is protected by and integrates with Keystone authentication authorization mechanisms like all OpenStack APIs. The API can be powered by third party DNS providers such as PowerDNS, Infoblox, etc., as well as “batteries-included” multicast DNS (mDNS) implementation provided by OpenStack.

Integrating a self-service DNS like Designate in your cloud experience comes with many advantages. As an IT provider, you can deploy Designate in your infrastructure along with other OpenStack services, plus configure it so that it uses your own DNS backend. Designate empowers users to create their own DNS records, while ensuring these records do not collide with each other.

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