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Navigating Kubernetes Security

Securing Kubernetes

Security is perhaps the most complex dimension of Kubernetes – which is saying a lot, because Kubernetes as a whole is quite complex.

Security in Kubernetes is complex not only because there are so many types of threats to consider and layers to secure, but also because Kubernetes has an especially complicated security model. Kubernetes includes some built-in security features, but they address only certain categories of risk. As a result, Kubernetes admins must deploy additional tools to manage some of the potential vulnerabilities in a Kubernetes environment, such as those associated with container images and registries.

After reading this eBook, one of a series, you will understand:

  • Kubernetes Security: What (and What Not) to expect out-of-the-box
  • Kubernetes secrets management
  • How to use let’s Encrypt with Route 53 to secure Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes container registry and image scanning

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